Just as you do not have a whole cake if slices are missing, you do not have a complete car crash lawsuit if you do not sue all responsible parties. Not all crashes are the fault of one specific individual. In complicated cases like trucking accidents, there may be several individuals and entities whose negligence plays a role. A New York auto accident attorney can help ensure you are pursuing compensation against all individuals responsible for your accident. By suing all responsible parties, you are in the best position to receive the maximum amount of compensation.

Auto Accident Attorney Explains Identifying Responsible Parties in a Crash

Other Parties that Might Bear Responsibility for a Car Crash

When another driver hits your car, you likely think that this driver is the one who is wholly responsible for causing the crash. While this may be true in some cases, it is not true of all accidents. Others that might bear some responsibility for causing the crash include the following individuals and entities:

The At-Fault Driver’s Employer

If the other driver is operating a truck or employer’s vehicle or is otherwise “on the clock” at the time of the crash, you must consider whether their employer is also partially at fault.

An employer carelessly entrusting a driver with a company vehicle can lead to that employer being responsible for paying some compensation. If the at-fault driver was on the job when the crash occurred, the employer generally indemnifies their employee and pays your compensation.

Another Driver on the Road

The driver that crashed into you may have done so because of another driver’s careless driving. Drivers who veer into oncoming traffic or make sudden movements can cause other drivers on the road to take evasive actions. These evasive actions, in turn, can cause that driver to crash into you.

Both drivers bear some responsibility for the crash and for paying your damages in these circumstances.

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The State or a Municipality

Roads that are poorly maintained or poorly designed can contribute to car crashes. It is the responsibility of state and local governments to design streets with safety in mind. Similarly, once they lay those roads, they should take reasonable steps to maintain them.

It is challenging to hold a government entity responsible in a civil lawsuit, so it is best to rely on the help of a qualified auto accident attorney.

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In New York, you can only hold parties accountable for their share of the harm they cause to you. If you are partly responsible for the crash, the court will also consider this in determining how much compensation you should receive.

Car accidents can be complicated, so speak with Hiller Comerford Injury & Disability Law, PLLC about your case as soon as possible. Your initial consultation with our auto accident attorneys is free and will give you a better understanding of the financial damages you might receive through a lawsuit.

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