Federal Appeals of Social Security Disability Cases

If your Social Security Disability claim was denied by an Administrative Law Judge and the Appeals Council, you still have options. You can appeal your case in Federal Court. Hiller Comerford Injury & Disability Law is a leader in handling Social Security Disability cases at the Federal Court appeal level.

Our Federal Court Department Attorneys

Federal Court Appeals of Social Security Disability CasesOur dedicated Federal Court Department attorneys are skilled at recognizing specific mistakes that Administrative Law Judges make at the hearing level. Those mistakes may make the difference between receiving benefits and being denied. Filing a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration in Federal District Court provides you with an opportunity to have a Federal Judge determine if your case should be reconsidered because of those mistakes. Having an attorney who is focused on fighting for clients at the Federal Court level will help you get the benefits to which you’re entitled.

The attorneys in our Federal Court Department have decades of combined experience focused on appealing Social Security Disability cases in Federal District Courts throughout the country. Our team of attorneys is uniquely qualified to handle your Federal Court claim with knowledge and experience that sets us apart. We have attorneys who previously served as Federal Court clerks writing Social Security Decisions, attorneys that have presented at national conferences specifically for Social Security representatives, and we have won major cases at the District level and at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Contact Our Firm

If your disability claim has been denied by an Administrative Law Judge or the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council, contact our firm, and we will help you to determine if appealing to Federal Court is the right next step for your case. Be aware that the time frame to appeal is short so it is important that you contact us today!

If you are an attorney interested in working with us to appeal a case at USDC, click here for more information.