What is an Aggravated Service Connection?

Watch this video by dedicated Buffalo disability attorney Christopher Atkinson, Esq. as he explains an aggravated service connection.

An aggravated service-connected condition is when you enter into service and have an injury that happened prior to service. Let’s say you were 15 and you hurt your knee playing softball. It heals. And you enter into service.

You do your physical when you enter into service, and you’re cleared for active duty. Then in active duty, you re-injured that knee. If there was documentation that you had a knee problem prior to service, and then it’s aggravated because of your service, you can get that service connected. The key is that we’ve got to show what’s aggravated beyond its natural progression, and that’s where the VA will sometimes deny you. So we’ll work with you.

We’ll figure out how we can prove that the condition was made much worse by your service, worse than it would have been had you not served. That may be statements from you or buddy statements from people you know. Give us a call. We’ll walk you through the process. We’ll figure it out together.

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