What Should I do if I Slip and Fall in a Store

Watch this video by dedicated Buffalo injury attorney Timothy Hiller, Esq. as he explains what you should do if you slip and fall in a store.

What should you do if you slip and fall at a store? If I was right there with you, I’d tell you to fill out an accident report. But let’s say you didn’t do that. A lot of people assume if they didn’t fill out an accident report, they will never be able to prove they were even in the store. They think they might as well just pack it in, even though they’re seriously injured. Obviously, that’s not what you should do.

You should call an attorney. We know how to get the right kind of evidence to prove that you were in the store and that you fell exactly how you say you fell. That might involve hiring a private investigator. That might involve sending letters demanding that the video be preserved and turned over. It might involve interviewing potential witnesses. But don’t just pack it in just because there’s no incident report. Contact our offices where we have a lot of experience proving the facts of slips and falls in stores.

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