Social Security Disability Misconceptions

Providing Accurate Information About Disability Benefits

The rules and regulations governing the programs that make up the Social Security disability (SSD) and SSI benefits system can be complex and confusing. In addition, there are many rumors and misconceptions going around about these programs.

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Responding to Misunderstandings About SSD

Many people have misconceptions about SSD eligibility and related issues. Some of the most frequent ones we come across with our clients are:

  • I should get SSD because I can’t do my job anymore: To get SSD, you need to show that due to your disability, age and experience, you cannot do any job, not just your past work.
  • I should get SSD because nobody will hire me: SSD is based on your ability to complete work-related tasks. Being a victim of discriminatory hiring practices or a bad economy does not qualify,
  • I’m too young to get SSD: You can apply for SSD at any age. We have had several clients in their 20s, and the average age of our clients is 47.
  • Mental disability is too hard to prove: If you have a mental illness that puts limits on your ability to function, your claim is just as valid as a claim based on physical illness.
  • I can’t get SSD due to an alcohol or drug problem: Addiction itself is not a disability, but many people with addictions have underlying disabilities that can qualify for SSD.

In addition to providing information about SSD and SSI, our law firm assists people who have questions about veterans benefits and other disability benefits that may be available.

Our goal is to make sure your decisions are based on accurate information. Contact us to learn more about your disability benefits options.