How Much Does it Cost To Hire An Attorney for my VA Claim?

Watch this video by dedicated Buffalo disability attorney Christopher Atkinson, Esq. where he explains how much it costs to hire an attorney to file a VA claim.

Whenever people call, and I’m assessing their claim, we always talk about how much it costs to hire a VA disability attorney. What we charge is a reasonable fee. The VA has determined that a reasonable fee is 20% of back pay after an appeal is filed. And so that’s the rule that the VA has come up with.

So what that means is if we put in an initial claim for you, which we will certainly do, we actually don’t get paid because the VA has to be given an opportunity to make a decision on the claim. Once they make a decision, if you’re not happy with it, we have the option of filing an appeal.

Once we appeal that decision, then the fee agreement kicks in, and the VA will pay us 20% of the back pay that’s due after that appeal is filed. So that means the VA sends you a check for 80%, sends us a check for 20%, and you get 100% of the ongoing benefits. You’re not going to get a bill from us. The VA pays us directly when we’re entitled to a fee.

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