How Long Does It Take the VA to Settle a Disability Claim?

Watch this video by dedicated Buffalo disability attorney Christopher Atkinson, Esq. as he explains how long it takes for the VA to settle a disability claim. 

I get asked this question all the time. How long does it take from the start of my disability claim? When you give us a call to file the claim, to getting a positive decision that you’re happy with. It really depends. We can move as quickly or slowly as the evidence allows, and you get one year between a denial or a decision to appeal. So during that time, you will want to improve the evidence.

Sometimes that means medical treatment, and medical treatment sometimes takes time to get an appointment. Maybe you need a diagnosis. Maybe we need to have a doctor that understands your condition that can help us with a nexus statement, that connecting statement that says that the current disability relates to service. So it really depends.

Maybe we’ve got to get you to get some buddy statements, some statements from friends or family or people you served with. Maybe you need to write a statement. Sometimes writing these statements can be very difficult, especially when we’re dealing with something like in-service trauma. We’ll move as quickly or slowly as you need, but it really depends on the VA as well. They determine how they process claims.

They say they process them in the order that they’re received. Perhaps that’s true, but sometimes it feels as though it takes an awfully long time to get a decision, and we have really no control over that. Once we get a decision, we look at it, we assess where we can help and how we can improve the claim, and then we keep pushing forward. So give us a call. We’ll do our best to move your claim along as quickly as we can.

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