With fewer than 60 days left in the year, the winter holiday season will be upon you before you know it. For many, the holidays bring an abundance of good times and family memories. Unfortunately, these joyous days can also create the conditions for an increased risk of accidents and injuries, resulting in a need for a knowledgeable accident attorney.

Why the Holidays See More Emergency Care

According to Consumer Reports, emergency room visits sharply increase during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Four common reasons people may need to seek emergency care during the holidays include:

1. Burn Injuries from House Fires

Fireplaces and candles are familiar in many New York homes during the winter months. While these accessories and features can add ambiance, they may also pose a fire risk and burn danger. Additionally, fires can erupt in the kitchen if food is left unattended while cooking.

2. Decorating Mishaps

Decking the halls for Christmas can put you and your family at risk of injuries. Consumer Reports notes that about 15,000 people each year end up in the emergency room during the holidays for decorating-related accidents alone.

Falls from ladders while hanging tinsel and electrical injuries from defective or damaged Christmas wiring can both require a trip to the hospital. Decorating with friends and family close by can distract you and further increase the risk of an injury.

3. Heart Attacks

While the holidays can be a joyful time of the season, they can also be stressful. Traveling by car or airplane, getting the house ready to entertain, and making sure to buy the perfect gifts for your loved ones can all increase your blood pressure.

This stress, along with poor diet and lack of exercise, can make a heart attack or other coronary event more likely.

4. Falls, Slips, and Trips

It is more than just ladders that present a fall risk during winter. Western New Yorkers are no strangers to snow and ice, which can fall in abundance in December and January. These elements make outdoor and indoor walkways slippery and increase the slip and fall risk.

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Falls from a slip or trip can lead to severe injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identify falls as the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries.

Hire a Knowledgeable New York Accident Attorney

Some mishaps that result in the need for medical care are indeed accidents. Other injuries, however, may result from a product defect or another person’s careless actions. When you are injured and believe another person is at fault, it is time to speak with an accident attorney about your legal options.

Hiller Comerford Injury & Disability Law, PLLC and our team of accident attorneys offer potential clients in western New York a free, no-obligation case consultation to evaluate your legal options. When you hire us to fight for you, we ensure you receive the personal attention you deserve

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