The cab is not the only dangerous part of a semi-truck. The load that the truck is carrying also presents hazards unique and distinct from those of the truck itself. A trucker who is otherwise carefully driving may cause a collision or wreck if they have incorrectly secured their load. While the trucker and their employer are often the primary defendants in a truck crash lawsuit, a dangerous load that leads to a wreck could also implicate others. Teaming up with a New York semi truck accident lawyer can assist you in identifying these responsible parties and holding them accountable, too.

Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Unsecured Load Accidents in N.Y

Federal Regulations Concerning Truck Loads

Unlike packing your S.U.V. or pickup truck when moving from one home to the next, transporting commercial cargo is subject to several federal regulations. For example, statutes prohibit drivers from operating commercial motor vehicles:

  • With unsecured or improperly distributed cargo loads
  • Whose tailgates, doors, tarps, and other essential equipment are not secured
  • With a load that interferes with the driver’s or a passenger’s movement in the cab

According to these regulations, commercial motor vehicle drivers must periodically examine their loads’ security within the first 50 miles of a trip. If any tie-downs or devices securing the load are loose, the driver must re-secure the load before continuing.

Crashes Can Result from Unsecured Loads

Cargo that the driver does not adequately tie down can become loose during transit. The load may unexpectedly fall off of the semi truck. Other cars and vehicles on the roadway can be struck by this debris or collide with other cars while trying to avoid the wayward cargo.

An unsecured load can shift even if the cargo never leaves the trailer. Loaders should load a trailer with cargo to evenly distribute the shipment’s weight. Doing so helps the driver keep control of the truck during braking and other maneuvers.

If the load shifts because workers did not correctly die the load down, the truck driver may have trouble controlling the truck on the road.

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Other Responsible Parties in an Unsecured Load Crash

The federal regulations make it clear that truck drivers are responsible for ensuring their cargo’s safety, security, and stability. The truck driver’s employer would also bear responsibility if the driver failed in their obligations.

In addition, the individuals and companies who initially loaded the cargo may also be responsible for an unsecured load and any injuries resulting from that place. These individuals and entities could be partially responsible for paying you compensation if they were careless or reckless in loading a trailer.

A New York Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You Receive Compensation

If you have been seriously hurt in an accident and need compensation beyond any insurance benefits paid to you by your insurance company, Hiller Comerford Injury & Disability Law, PLLC is ready and capable of assisting you.

Call our offices and request a free case evaluation with our dedicated semi truck accident lawyers to learn more about the compensation you might receive for your injuries.

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