Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Watch this video by dedicated Buffalo nursing home abuse attorney Timothy Hiller, Esq., where he details common signs of nursing home abuse.

Some people want to know, what are some common signs of nursing home abuse? Well, obviously, there are injuries. If your loved one has been put in a home and has unexplained injuries, that’s obviously a glaring sign that something’s not right. But other signs can be a lack of appropriate communication from the nursing home. If you go to a nursing home and you observe the nursing home, and it doesn’t seem like there’s any staff around, that can often be a sign that things aren’t right.

Nursing homes have a huge problem with maintaining proper staffing, and that’s one of the big things to look for. If you place your loved one in a nursing home. You expect a nursing home to have the proper staff to care for your loved one. But oftentimes, they don’t because they can’t find the right people to staff their nursing homes.

Some nursing homes are owned by Wall Street executives who are concerned only about the bottom line and don’t want to pay for the appropriate staff. So I’ve heard about things like people going into a nursing home and not being able to find a nurse to get their loved one a cup of water. These are signs that something is not right. So if you find your loved one with an unexplained injury or illness, or if when you go to the nursing home, you just can’t seem to find anyone to help, that sounds like you may need to contact a lawyer and start looking into this a little bit further, and we have a lot of experience doing that.

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