Imagine you are out to dinner or checking out in the grocery line. You give the waitress, or the cashier, your card. Declined. What gives? You know that you work hard and that your account should have more than enough funds.

After some investigating, you figure out that some company you’ve never heard of is freezing your bank account and/or garnishing your wages.

This is exactly what happened to one of our clients. Fortunately, the firm was able to help him fight back, and score a big victory against debt collectors everywhere.

In McCrobie v. Palisades, et al., a case tried by Hiller Comerford Injury & Disability Law in conjunction with their colleague Brian Bromberg, the Western District of New York recently issued an important decision allowing a class action lawsuit to proceed. Mr. McCrobie, the class representative had filed a complaint on behalf of other New York residents who, like him, had been subjected to improper collection conduct on behalf of Palisades Acquisition XVI, LLC and its attorney Todd Houslanger and Houslanger & Associates, PLLC. Palisades and Houslanger were systematically freezing people’s bank accounts and/or garnishing their wages without providing proper notice, and without proof that they had any legal right to do so.

While Palisades and Houslanger are certain to appeal this decision, congratulations are in order to the attorneys working on the case. At Hiller Comerford Injury & Disability Law, Timothy Hiller took the lead and was assisted by Brian Bromberg of Bromberg Law Office, P.C.

If you find yourself in the anxiety inducing situation of having someone you’ve never heard of mess with your bank account, please contact us immediately. We may be able to make it stop and take the fight to those who have wronged you.

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