Do We Submit New Evidence to the Federal Court?

Watch this video by dedicated Buffalo disability attorney Elizabeth Haungs, Esq., where she explains submitting new evidence to the federal court.

It’s a very common question to ask if we submit new evidence to federal court. There are very strict rules in federal court about submitting new evidence. So that is something that we would look at as a legal question for the vast majority of cases. We’re not going to be submitted new evidence at federal court because what the federal court is looking at is the record that Social Security looked at, and they’re going to be looking at that record and seeing if the judge made errors. So it’s most common that we are not going to submit new evidence.

It’s very important that you keep us informed. About what’s going on with your health condition so that we can make sure that we’re making the best choices for your case. So feel free always to call us if something new happens with your health conditions.

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